Emacs Javascript mode update

I partially fixed an issue with comments inside quoted strings. You can now use // inside a quoted string and it won’t be seen as a comment. Especially useful if you’ve got a URL in a string.

/* … */ style comments inside quoted strings are still seen as comments, since fixing that seems to be pretty complicated.

Get the javascript.el file here.

One Response to “Emacs Javascript mode update”

  1. Wentao Zheng Says:

    I used this javascript mode in my emacs (v22) and found the following error

    open a new file, and switch to javascritp mode

    then in the FIRST line, type “for (“, then the text are idented automatically

    but if I type “for (” in the second or other line, no problem

    it is weird

    As I am a newbie of elisp, so maybe you can help me on solving this problem